On Something

by Blee




Oooh baby, sweet lady
You drive me sooo crazy
You’ve got me, on something
That makes me lose my mind

Verse 1

I don’t even really wanna eat, wanna sleep, wanna breathe
This is way past desire, to survive, girl I need
To kiss those lips, on the hour every hour
Your power’s devoured every ounce of my coward
So now I just shower you publicly
Cause I’m in love with the fact you’re in love with me
Listen I don’t care how absurd, every wish will be heard
Play hopscotch with birds, you’ll never get on my nerves

Verse 2

See what I’ve come to realise is I can’t live without you
Well maybe I can, the truth is, I don’t really wanna figure how to
Wanna learn everything about you like the sounds you make when you sleep
The foods you like, the smells you love, what turns the lady to a freak
Can’t be discrete about this I’m shouting it from mountain tops
Found the greatest love in the world and this is where my counting stops
One! Is all I need, I give you my time and give you my keys and
Give you the rhyme and give you the reason
You just give me my baby Blees

Verse 3

Hello mother, hello father
Let me introduce you to your in-law daughter
I know I was brought up to stay out of prison
But this love got me locked down so sorry that I didn’t listen
Girl I see visions of heaven whenever in your presence
Your essence…..never evanescent
Your eyes pierce my soul take control of my chi
I don’t ever wanna be free from what you do to me
Sincerely yours…Blee


released February 13, 2016
Written and produced by Blee



all rights reserved


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